Unique to NB we offer a construction arm to our business. Working alongside LWC Homes, NB LWC Homes, is able to offer a truly all-encompassing service to its clients. Even if you aren’t planning on building a new home, this expertise is useful when it comes to having the correct vision for potential development opportunities on any new purchase. 

LWC Homes can help you with all aspects of development from a small extension or a new Kitchen, to a full restoration or new build. Working carefully within your budget, their friendly and experienced team offers a full range of services that will optimize the value of any type of property.

Marco Carrelli, Managing Director of LWC Homes; comments, ‘It may be that investment in a new kitchen or bathroom is needed to get that all-important sale. Buyers should not be put off buying their dream home just because work is required.”

LWC Homes understand the development process, from planning and construction through to disposal. They can play a key part with your development team, helping you to make the most of your opportunities and manage the risk inherent in any investment.

As a NB client, you will benefit from a 10% discount on all construction services, from your initial consultation right through to the completed development. With valuation guidance from us, and development expertise from LWC Homes, it is clear that NB is more than an Estate Agent.